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Support & Contact

The US Cycling Monument Project is made possible by the

following individuals and organizations:

Kimmerjae Johnson, Bluestem Studio LLC, Project Concept and Design
Michael Aisner, design phase Consulting and Guidance
Julia M. Knearl, Esq. Legal counsel
JP Boylan, James Frames, Sculpture Fabrication
Zach Johnson, Z Stone, Project Management 
Jeff Ruppert, Odisea Engineering Project Engineering
Alcoa, Sculptural Beam Aluminum
David and Doe Macarus
Steven Katz
Adam LeWinter
Bill Nack


Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC , Website Design and Development
Peter Coors
Terry Huffington
Wendy Kahn and Michael Robson


All The Details, Inc.
Al’s Barber Shop
Artisan Fabricating, Inc., Stone Engraving

Bacaro Venetian Taverna

Marcus Berggren, Road 2 Victory
Boulder Beer
Boulder Indoor Cycling
Boulder Lending Group
Boulder Peak Family Practice
Copy Experts
Russ Croop, Logo and Photography

Denver Boulder Couriers
Doc Popcorn

Dual Eyewear
Excel Sports
Frasca Food and Wine
Ice Box Bakery
Nancy Lockspeiser
Lucy McKee
John Maynard, Photography
North Boulder Park Classic
Panache Cyclewear

Peloton Magazine

PLAY Boulder Foundation
Lisa Powers, Logo and Design Consulting
RecoFit Sports
Red Wagon Organic Farm LLC
Pernille Scherer
Spyder Active Sports
Sticker Giant
TerraNova Wines
Eric Tribble

Tribble Stone, Inc. Monument Stone

Upslope Brewery
Ryan Van Duzer

Susan Eastman Walton

Without Limits Productions

Jeffrey Witters


Bob Angcos
Jim Allison
Ned Andrews and Sharon Caulfield
Array Cycling Team
Rob, Rebecca and Meghan Barnes
Brett and Winston Berry: The Berry Family
Mark Birnbach
The Billings Family
Tim and Lise Blumenthal
Christina Book and Jon Stubbs
Boulder Garden Club
Boulder Nordic Sport
Barbara Bowerman and David Wheeler
Jim and Marilyn Boylan
Julianne and JP Boylan
Carolyn and Tom Brigham
The Jeff Brown Family
Caplan and Earnest, LLC
The Carpenter – Phinney Family
David Chauner
Keith Clark
Coal Creek Brokers – Ted Lupburger
Copy Experts
Justin Crawford
Carin Cutler and Andrew Kutcipal
Greg, Megan and Dylan Daughtry
Jeff and Christy DeMeyer
The Dessau Family
Lindsay Dye
Leonard Eagono
Mary Ann Eastman: Jon-Eric and Amanda Greene
Susan Eastman and Hugh Walton
Henry, Chris and Andy Eberhardt
Hope and Bryan Ellis
Everyone’s Hair  Inc
Excel Sports Boulder
The Fisher Family
Lino A Darchun and August J Conway
Elizabeth Fisk
Elizabeth Donley and Cory Fleagle
Linda and Hanna Flinkman and Marty Humphreys
Andy and Audry Franklin
Rob, Kelly and Chaos Frazier
Joe & Joyce Friel
Steve Frothingham
Gandalf Associates
GS Boulder
Cecilia Girz and Army Armstrong
Ryan, Kat, Anna and Claudia Guay
Anthony S. Goffredo
Hancock DeRose Family Trust
Robert Harrington
Neal Henderson
Jackson, Henry and Madison Hawk
Joy Herbers
John Hereford: Herf
Jody Hereford
Paul Herzfeld
Don Hobbs and Joan Wood Hobbs
David Holmgren
Axel, Nova, Ara and Jen Howard
Bob and Jan Hughes
Ginger and Hiroshi Ikeda
Eric Johnson
Lynn and Larry Johnson
Kathy Judson
Alexandria, Davis and Zoe Kang
Rory Kelly
Robyn Knox
Jeff, Scott, Michelle, Kath, Jim, Kerin, and Kris Kozlowski
Ellen R. Laird and James F. Blake Jr.
Rachel Landau
Virginia Leffler
Dave and Dena Lindsay
Elizabeth Litkowski and Richard Reeves
Nancy and Lester Lockspeiser MD
Dorothy Macarus
Jonathan, Mary, Sasha and Jhenia Macarus
Felix Magowan
Niki T. Mattioli
Sheryl Mercure
Anne Millar
Thomas, Nadine, Sophia and Olivia Nee
Craig and Heather Neugeboren
Sandy Nichols
Addie and Erin K. O’Brien
Carla Ooyen  and Eric Jensen
Laura Peycke: Frank and Betty Peycke
Donn Puca
Celia, Todd and Faith Rankin
Adam Reek
Chad Rhoades
Keira Ritter
Jim, Gigi, Lauren and Zoe Robb
The Tim and Caroline Shea Family
Mo and Jen Siegel
Ann Sirotniak
Laurie Skrederstu and Davide Picard
Peter Stetina: Dale and Anne Stetina
Meghan, Jake and Bodhi Stockdale
Swan Lake Chiropractic
Betty Thacker
Larry Theobald
Mary Jo Tiampo
Nick Traggis and Faith Clauson
Elizabeth ‘Madame Zha’ Upper
James Urbonas
Louis Viggio
Janet Warren
Edmund and Marilyn Wasmuth
Denise, Will and Owen Weathersby
Maria Aragon Webber and  Engles Stick Ware
Denise and Will Weathersby
John Wilcockson and Rivvy Neshama
David ‘Lumpy’ Williams
Laura and Mark Wisner, DO
Without Limits Productions
Lennard Zinn: Zinn Cycles. Inc.


Angela Bernhardt
Elena Cipollone
Christina Cook
Chuck Coyle
Zach Davies
Misty Deiparine
Michael Dessau
Kindra Flavin
Linda Flinkman
Lee Ann Goff
Keith Harper
Neal Henderson
Jeffrey Hill
Alex Howes
Marty Humphreys
Brian Hutchison
Andy Lull
Sheryl Mercure
Brian Mullins
Ashley Perigo
Nick Stevens
Nick Traggis
Dave Willey

If you would like to become a sponsor or volunteer, please call Zach at (303) 499. 8113 or email