The U.S. Cycling Monument will be a place to learn about Boulder’s historic role in cycling, to remember the great achievements of American cyclists and to inspire future generations.
Congressman Jared Polis

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Red Zinger Family

As alumni of the Red Zinger/Coors Classic era of Olympic and pro class stage racing, you know what it meant to you and the millions who came to take in the annual event. This has been called the ... [ more ]

Corporate Supporters

The Red Zinger and Coors International Bicycle Classic was the most media covered cycling event in the USA ever. It was staffed every day for two weeks by the two world wire services, 11 newspapers, ... [ more ]

Cyling Enthusiasts

You love to ride. You ride for fitness, or weekend competitions. You ride to get here to there, or you just ride for fun. A driving force behind this love of cycling has been world class competitive ... [ more ]

Art Patrons

The profile of the sculpture is dynamic in 3 axes, constantly changing as one moves through and around the space. Through its inviting use of calligraphic line and lively intersection of contrasting ... [ more ]